Sustainable and bio-based leather tanning

DesertSpring has developed a revolutionary, circular, metal- and chrome free leather tanning concept based on the extract of the Sea Buckthorn plant.

The triple impact of DesertSpring

Traditional leather tanning is often tanned with heavy metals like chromium or hazardous fossil substances like glutaraldehyde (GDA). DesertSpring is a metal free and bio-based tanning agent creating a triple impact:


Natural, metal-free leather tanning, meeting the highest leather standards.


Combats desertification by restoring eroded soils; enabling reforestation and CO2 absorption


Increases economic prosperity for local communities in degraded areas

Raw materials
from climate resilient

DesertSpring is based on sea buckthorn extract from climate resilient agriculture. We are building a responsible and fully transparent supply chain of sea buckthorn leaves in China, from wild (organic) plantations. As we’re only harvesting the leaves and we don’t cut the shrubs, we protect the local biodiversity. DesertSpring does not compete with food. 

And there is more…

Sea buckthorn thrives in poor soils and improves soil conditions thanks to its unique rooting system. In China, the shrubs are widely planted in areas affected by soil degradation as well as established to combat desertification. By sourcing from these poor, degraded area’s, the local community’s benefit from its high-value berries, we bring new income opportunities to the affected regions, and we stimulate soil improvement projects.

Current developments

We are currently exploring the full potential of the leather tanning alternative. Part of this is involving tanneries, brands and other parties. Together we move forward a solution that does not only positively impact the leather value chain but also has environmental and social advantages in area that are affected by soil degradation – a fast growing  global issue in both developed and developing countries. Together we aim at producing consumer articles that behold the beauty of leather while having a positive impact. 

DesertSpring will share updates and news via this website.

The upsides of DesertSpring tanned leather

Positive impact

  • CO2 positive
  • Reforestation

Easy to use

  • Salt free processing
  • Less use of water
  • Recyclable solvent


  • Our tanning agent does tanning and retanning
  • Can create white leather

About DesertSpring

DesertSpring is a joint venture from three ambitious companies that are experts in innovative social business, producing quality materials for leather production, growing, processing and commercialization of botanicals. Jointly, they have created a patented chrome- and metal free tanning alternative based on the leaves of the sea buckthorn shrub, a vegetable tannage that can even produce white leathers.


DesertSpring is a member of the Sustainable Leather Foundation (SLF) Environmental, Social and Economic responsibility is essential in today’s leather industry and SLF’s aim is to support the stakeholders to learn, improve and protect for future generations. The SLF provides tangible solutions & tools to demonstrate sustainable practice throughout the leather value chain, from farm to finished product.

More information on the Sustainable Leather Foundation can be found on their website.


Feel free to contact us for any questions, inquiries or possible partnerships.

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